The risk from Legionella in water systems is greatly reduced if regular monitoring is carried out as part of the Legionella risk management programme; however the frequency of this routine monitoring will depend on the complexity of water system itself and the susceptibility of those using the water.

For precautions to remain effective, the condition and performance of the system needs to be monitored. The management of the system should cover:

  1. Checking the performance and operation of the system
  2. Inspecting the system for damage or contamination
  3. Monitoring the implemented regime to ensure it continues to control the required standard.

A Legionella Risk Assessment will define the frequency of inspection and monitoring.

Our monitoring systems incorporate the following:

  • Weekly flushing of low use water systems
  • Monthly water temperature monitoring
  • Quarterly shower clean and disinfection
  • Water tank inspection in summer and winter and clean and disinfection when required
  • Calorifier blow down and internal checks
  • Microbiological Analysis, water sampling and testing undertaken by independent UKAS accredited laboratories, as recommended within the Risk Assessment
  • Six monthly water softener servicing
  • TMV servicing and cleaning
  • Record keeping
  • Recommendations for tank refurbishment if necessary