DCS has strong ties with an Academy who have various schools nationwide. One such school, established in 1952, was seen to have very poor water services within its building.

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All tanks within the building were not complying with the water regulations. There was very poor access to the tanks, making cleaning the tanks very awkward. Also the system was configured very poorly, with dead legs found throughout the building and contaminates found within the system

All TMV’s required replacement and the calorifiers within the building were not reaching the necessary temperatures.

East Midlands Academy

Action taken

Due to DCS highlighting all these issues within their Legionella Risk Assessment they were given the opportunity to quote for the work. DCS reacted to all the issues by doing the following:

  • Removing all tanks and transferring the water system onto mains
  • Reconfiguring pipework
  • Installing new Calorifiers
  • Replace TMV’s – some were boxed in, however they were housed in something designed to be accessible for cleaning the TMV’s in the annual service
  • Changing the location and replacing the Electric Water Heaters
  • Removing dead legs

East Midlands Academy

End result

Following DCS completing the work, all systems have been working successfully, with DCS servicing the various water heaters and calorifiers annually. DCS also attend site to review the risk assessment.

The most recent review has showed everything working satisfactorily, however a few dead legs have been discovered. Dead legs can be created from the smallest maintenance work being carried out, especially when carried out by people without an understanding of Legionella prevention and control. DCS react to this work and rectify when required.

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