DCS have been servicing a large comprehensive school in Yorkshire for many years. This school compromises of various buildings with a variety of water systems in each building.

Site Information

Following a Legionella Risk Assessment the quality and condition of all tanks was shown to be very poor. All tanks were not conforming to water regulations. Also the water was shown to be stagnant, temperatures were not being reached and there were many dead legs found throughout the buildings.

Also specifically there was one area with a heat plate exchange providing enough hot water to all services within the building; this therefore made the hot water tank redundant.


Action taken

DCS were asked to quote for the removal of the water tanks and installation of new Calorifiers. All services were converted onto mains water, with pressure reducing valves installed to ensure the water services could take the pressure from the incoming mains.


End result

Following the successful completion of the work, DCS continue to monthly and annually service all buildings.

The Calorifiers are still working satisfactorily and providing sufficient and regular hot water to all areas.