Water Hygiene Services

We provide expert consultancy and support for the health and safety, hygiene and maintenance of water systems across the UK

  • Risk Assessments

    The risk assessments is usually carried out as a part of our legionella risk management programme which help manage the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

  • Water Analysis

    Water analysis is an essential part of any water hygiene regime to ensure the control of Legionella and bacteria in water systems. DCS uses a UKAS accredited laboratory to offer a comprehensive chemical and microbiological analytical service.

  • Water Tank Refurbishment

    Descale and Chlorination Services Ltd are able to undertake the cleaning and refurbishment of a wide variety of water systems and associated pipe work with a minimum of disruption to your business.

  • Disinfection by Chemical Injection

    Under certain conditions, water systems will require disinfection prior to being put into service. We have our own dosing equipment consisting of a break tank and pump system allowing for complete control of the pipe work, by both flow and pressure.

  • RPZ Valve Testing

    RPZ valves must be tested on an annual basis, and in some cases every six months in order to meet local water authority requirements.

  • Water Hygiene Training

    We can provide water hygiene training to suit your requirements. Please contact our office for a  consultation

  • Schematic Drawings

    As an integral part of the risk assessment, the schematic drawing takes into account the individual nature of each site and considers the system as a whole and not specific sections, including any areas out of use.

  • Water Hygiene Monitoring

    The risk from Legionella in water systems is greatly reduced if regular monitoring is carried out as part of the legionella risk management programme.

  • Clean and Disinfection Services

    By being a member of the LCA we comply with regulations to provide a certain quality of service for the cleaning and disinfection of any water system associated with the control of legionella bacteria.

  • Dead Leg Removal

    Dead Legs are sections of pipework that have been isolated and no longer have a flow of liquid through them. They are usually generated through the changing or modifying of a water system.

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves

    TMV’s are valves that use a temperature sensitive element and blend hot and cold water to produce water that safeguards against scalding. This is producing water between 380C and 460C.

  • Water Softeners

    We can supply, fit, commission and service all makes and models of water softeners.