Water analysis is an essential part of any water hygiene regime to ensure the control of Legionella and bacteria in water systems.

Water analysis is a  comprehensive method to test for Legionella and other such organisms. Water sampling can act as a standalone service or as a part of a water hygiene routine on any water system.

DCS uses a UKAS accredited laboratory to offer a broad chemical and microbiological analytical service. This includes the sampling being carrying out by qualified technicians, safe transportation to avoid contamination and informative reporting of results. The most common water samples we provide are for Legionella, TVC, Ecoli, Coliforms and Pseudomonas, however do not hesitate to contact us as we would be pleased to test for anything required.

A Legionella Risk Assessment will assist in advising areas which need periodic water sampling to test for the presence of Legionella, or to show that adequate control is being achieved. DCS can advise as to the frequency of sampling, the location and/or the type of analysis required. Depending on the results we can then offer advice as to the necessary action required.

Another strand of microbiological testing can be through the use of Dipslides to provide an indication as to the bacteria levels in a water system, i.e. cooling systems, lathe coolants, process water systems and other such systems used within manufacturing (please visit www.dcsproducts.co.uk for more information and how to buy).

Spa Pool Testing

Spa-pool systems are a recognised source of diseases caused by infectious agents including the organism that causes legionnaires’ disease due to the fact that the water used is heated between 30–40 °C which is the optimum temperature for bacteria to grow. Many hot tubs and spas also produce aerosols which is a particular concern for Legionella bacteria.

The rise in the number of Legionella outbreaks linked to spa pools in hotels, holiday homes and leisure centres has prompted the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to issue its ‘Spa Pool Guidance’ to help spa pool owners and managers. The HSG282 document provides guidance for both domestic and commercial spa / hot tub use.

Download the HSG282 Spa Pool Guidance


Why choose DCS for your sampling?

  • An effective and efficient service provided by ourselves and the UKAS Accredited Laboratory we collaborate with.
  • We have an extensive understanding of the process and take hundreds of samples each year for all types of customers and sectors.
  • We have a comprehensive system to be able to track and monitor the results coming in.
  • Our many years of experience has allowed us to be able to react to any situation and, where requested, remedy the situation.
  • We are accredited by the Legionella Control Association, which requires a high standard of service to be shown at all times.
  • We also offer water system / tank refurbishment in reaction to any positive Legionella result.

Case Studies

Completed Tank

Legionella Risk Asseessment

Manufacturing site in the Midlands

Following an ongoing contractual agreement with a manufacturing client of DCS’s, it was highlighted that an area was using a tank over 20 years old for drinking water.

A Legionella Risk Assessment conducted by DCS showed that the tank was in a very poor state; it had no insulation, it was going rusty, it was unsafe and it wasn’t accessible to be cleaned and disinfected.

As a result the tank was not complying with the water regulations.

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Picture 022

Legionella Risk Asseessment

School in Staffordshire

This 1950’s school contained vast oversized runs of pipework hidden in ducts, which also ran alongside heating pipes with possible asbestos issues.

Through DCS conducting a Legionella Risk Assessment, it became apparent that the cold water supply, which runs from the main cold water storage tank through to the boiler house, was gaining heat up to the level of 35°C and above. As a precaution samples were taken, in which they returned showing very high levels of Legionella bacteria present.

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