Guidance on the Risk Assessment and Recommissioning Process for Hot and Cold Water Systems

This guidance from the Legionella Control Association is intended to assist companies in helping to minimise risks associated with legionella bacteria in water systems restarting post a COVID-19 shutdown.

Guidance for managing legionella in nursing and care home water systems during the COVID-19 pandemic

This guidance is aimed at care homes, nursing homes and other residential settings where there are patients and residents being treated for COVID-19 or for patients with increased susceptibility to infections such as those transferred from hospitals to make way for COVID-19 patients.

Guidance for small businesses to ensure water safety when re-opening following COVID-19 lockdown

Many businesses have been closed for long periods of time and in many cases water systems and equipment which use or contain water will have had little if any use for many weeks. Stagnant water increases the likelihood of waterborne pathogens such as Legionella to grow to levels which can cause infections.